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Brazil / Parajuru


Welcome to Kite Camp Istria in Brazil!

Here, 10-15 people spend 12 days living together in Kite paradise(KBC Station). We kite as much as possible and share our experience and success, enjoying warm weather all while also relaxing in hammocks or the swimming pool, playing plenty of games and having a good time.

Kite Camp Brazil 2020

Parajuru, Ceará – November 11th – 24th, 10 - 15 persons

Basic Package 13 nights/12 days (1.700€ - 2.300€)*


  • Accommondation: 13 nights at Pousada Maré Alta (KBC center)

    At the Pousada Maré Alta, you’ll stay in a completely new garden area with a pool, right on the KBC Parajuru kite beach. The pool is very child-friendly with a shallow area for children and non swimmers.

    The chill and exercise lounge, which has weights and sports equipment, is located in a covered area. You can also play billiards, table tennis, table football or relax on the sofa and watch TV. A buffet-style breakfast is served at the Maré Alta bar at the Kite Centre, where you’ll enjoy an espresso/latte/macchiato, hot chocolate, juices, local seasonal fruits, cakes, warm dishes and daily specials.

    Accomodation options:

    • Room with 3 persons (BASIC package 1700€/person)
    • Room with 2 persons (BASIC package 1900€/person)
    • PRIVATE room (BASIC package 2300€/person)

    For more details about accomondoation options please contact us.

  • Breakfast

    At breakfast, you’ll begin your day with superfoods and delicious creations made from acai berries. Our fresh juices made from local fruits like cajá, graviola (soursop) and goiaba (guava) will give you the energy and vitality for another session on the water. Have you ever tried coconut water straight from the coconut?? Taste delicious fresh coco water at breakfast every morning!

  • Dinner

    • 12 dinners (2 BBQ nights)
    • Meat, Fish or Veggie menu
    • Drink included
    • Brazilian food & drinks

    We organize 12 dinners during your stay, 7 dinners (2 of them are BBQ nights) will be at KBC Parajuru(Pousada Maré Alta) and 5 dinners will be outside of our kite complex, when we visit some other local restaurants. All kinds of menus are available - meat, fish, vegetarian and vegan - and dietary requirements are catered for. You will be able to enjoy freshly prepared, delicious Brazilian food and drinks at all of our 12 dinners. At every dinner you will have 1 drink included, your choice of a fresh juice, beer, wine or a famous Brazilian Caipirinha cocktail!

  • BBQ nights (meat, fish or veggie)

    • 2 BBQ nights over 12 days
    • Meat, Fish or Veggie menu
    • Drink included
    • Brazilian food & drinks

    BBQ is always a good idea especially when it takes place in a magical place like ours! Food, drinks, music and friends all in one place just next to the ocean – paradise! You can choose your prefered BBQ menu with 3 different options offered (meat, fish & veggie). As with the regular dinner menu, 1 drink of your choice is included - fresh juice, beer, wine or a famous Brazilian Caipirinha cocktail. During the 12 days of Kite Camp we will organize 2 of our special BBQ nights for you!

  • Transfer from/to Fortaleza Airport

    We will take care of your transportation from Fortaleza airport to Parajuru and at the end of our adventure from Parajuru back to Fortaleza in a private car shared with other people from our kite camp. Ride time is approx. 2h one way.

  • Coaching (tips, filming, goals, motivation, support)

    • kiting under supervision at all times
    • every day 2h of coaching in group of max 5 people
    • tips & learning new tricks
    • filming
    • motivation

    Being in our Kite Camp means you are part of our family so whenever you need some help, advice or tips for your safe progression we will be there for you! While kiting with us you can feel completely safe because we always keep an eye on you whether you're outside setting up your equipment or riding on the water. There are NO “stupid“ questions, so ask us anything and we will try to help you no matter what!

  • Kite Center Storage, Facilities & Beach Service

    Our station KBC Parajuru is a very professional Kite Center, located just next to our accommodation, Pousada Maré Alta, offering us nice natural surroundings with many different facilities, bar & restaurant, chill-out area with hammocks, sofas and free Wi-Fi, neat storage(one «box» per person) and extremely safety orientated beach service (beach boys, compressor, sand free kite pumping and packing down area). Our Centre has everything you need for a comfortable, safe kite holiday:

    • Storage boxes for your personal kite gear
    • A shop with kites, boards, harnesses, sunglasses, apparel, sunscreen products and other accessories
    • A compressor for kite inflation
    • Our experienced beach staff are always on hand to help you launch and land your kite.
    • At the end of your holiday you can wash your kites with fresh water in our automated kite washing system and then let them dry
    • Lockers
    • Large changing cubicles
    • Showers and toilets
    • A sun terrace and shady chill-out area
    • Free Wi-Fi
  • Theory Lessons (wind, weather, equipment, etc.)

    If you would like to dig deeper into the world of kiteboarding, to become a more complete and safety conscious kiter, then theory lessons are the perfect, interactive way to do it! Together with our IKO Assistant Trainer Petar Pavlović we would like to share our knowledge and exchange experiences with you about weather, tides, aerodynamics, equipment and more. We will organize this type of activity in the evening and it is optional! Approx. lesson duration time is 1h.

  • IKO certification

    IKO stands for International Kiteboarding Organization. It is the biggest kiteboarding organization and is well known around the world. Learning with an IKO instructor means safe and professional methods of teaching combined with fun and progression. Our instructors are all IKO certified at the highest level!

    During Kite Camp you will reach a certain level in kiteboarding and our instructors will certify you according to that level. It doesn't matter if you join our Camp as a complete beginner or if you already have some knowledge and experience, it is always possible to upgrade your level and have proof of independence, which helps you to kite or rent equipment in IKO Affiliated centers around the globe!

  • Professional Workout Programs (pre kite warm-up, stretching, relaxation)

    Looking for...

    • A good warm-up for your kitesession?
    • Gentle stretching after an adventurous day?
    • Sports lessons for your kids?
    • Or maybe a guided relaxation with some chill out music during the sunset?

    We have it all!

    Helena is a professional dancer and certified trainer with a degree in sports science waiting to guide you through a great class depending on your wishes.

    Get sweaty and smile!

    * each workout is tailored to suit clients*

    • PREKITE SESSION WORKOUT: consists of warming up and preparing our body for the ride.
    • RELAXATION: 15 minute guided meditation that will calm your body and thoughts after a great day.
    • STRETCH YO SELF: take care of your body after a great session, release the tension in your muscles with yoga inspired poses and breathing exercise.
    • SPORT SCHOOL 4 KIDS: includes basic gymnastics, swimming lessons and interactive workshops in nature.
  • Daily Photos/Short Videos (Instagram/Facebook stories)

    • High quality photos
    • Short videos(Instagram/Facebook stories)

    We are sure you want to capture your first lessons or riding moments in a place like this – you are making awesome memories after all! While you are out there enjoying the day on the beach and on the water we are making sure to capture those precious moments and share them with you at the end of every day during our Kite Camp.

Wind, Sun, Sand & Flat Water :-)

Not Included:

  • Flight – FORTALEZA Airport (700€ - 900€)

    If you are arriving from the USA you will need to fly to Fortaleza via Sao Paolo or Rio de Janeiro, or if you are flying from European cities you can find flights with TAP Portugal via Lisbon (costs can vary 600-900 €). In order to save money and fly comfortably, plan ahead and check your options. We will be happy to help you find the best solution, so if you need assistance with this part, don't hesitate to be in touch.

  • Lunch (Please check FAQ)

    After a strenuous kite session, you can recharge your batteries at our original Brazilian Maré Alta restaurant and savour local delicacies such as macaxeira, arrumadinho or bolinhas de peixe. We prepare exquisite dishes with freshly caught fish, shrimp, prawns, lobsters and a variety of meat specialities.

    You can get fresh and delicious food right on our spot in KBC restaurant where the price for an average lunch is around 15€, or you can walk to the village (5min walk) and have a look in some local restaurants where you can eat from 5-10€.

  • Trips (Boat, Buggy, Downwinders)

    Our shady coconut palms and parasols, sun loungers, bean bags and hammocks invite you to relax, listen to music and to read. There’s also free Wi-Fi throughout the station and in the restaurant. And when you feel ready for action again, may we suggest:

    • A stroll along the sandy beach that seems to go on forever
    • Learn stand up paddling and paddle through the lagoon
    • Take a buggy trip through the gigantic dunes
    • Enjoy a boat excursion on the Rio Jaguaribe and be entranced by the unique beauty of Brazil. Fresh oysters are included.

    Canoa Quebrada:
    during the day, you can browse around the many small shops and enjoy a visit to Canoa’s renowned sand beach. In the evenings, the streets of Canoa are transformed into a lively, chaotic party mecca with a host of bars and clubs. Then, after midnight the revellers head towards the beach and the Freedom Bar, where they dance till the small hours to the sound of reggae. We’ll be happy to advise you on this when you arrive.

  • Buggy tours

    Explore the area by buggy on an exciting tour, e.g.

    • to Pontal do Maceio at the Fortim: swimming in the Rio Jaguaribe River, swimming in the natural caves in the Pontal and speeding over the sand dunes
    • to Uruau Beberibe: An action-packed ride over the sand dunes accompanied by a local from Uruau.
    • to Canoa Quebrada: We drive to the famous beach Canoa Quebrada, cross the river by ferry, continue on the sand dunes to the beach, then a tour of Canoa, swim, and eat delicious fish, crayfish or shrimp afterwards
    • to Morro Branco: an action ride over the sand dunes, walk through the Falesias, shopping on the beach, food and drink. With its impressive sandstone labyrinth, this beach is one of Ceará's most remarkable beaches. Continue with a visit to the arts and crafts market. The day will end on the beautiful sandy beach or in the nearby spa "Oca dor Índios"
  • Downwinders

    The north-east coast of Brazil, with its endless, gorgeous beaches, features superb conditions for downwind trips. For advanced riders, our local team offers downwind trips of varying lengths for different locations. Our truck will accompany you along the beach for the duration of the trip: if you run out of energy, we’ll be on hand to collect you.

  • Holiday insurance (Please check FAQ)

    We would highly recommend you to take out travel insurance, which you should be able to do in any insurance company based in your country.

  • Kitesurf lessons and equipment rental

Kite Lessons Packages

  • Zero-To-Hero

    10h beginner course + 7 days RENTAL – 800€

    • 10 hours divided across 4-5 days (approx. 2h per day)
    • Max. 2 students per 1 instructor
    • Complete kite equipment (kite, bar, board, harness, helmet, vest)
    • Radio helmet lessons
    • 7 days rental + kite insurance included (after completing the course)
    • IKO certified instructors
    • IKO certification on completion

    Lesson plan:

    • kite terminology
    • kite set up & pack down
    • safety systems
    • launching & landing the kite
    • piloting the kite: land/water
    • self rescue
    • water re-launch
    • body dragging techniques
    • water start practice
    • develop riding skills

    Zero-To-Hero beginner course provides you with the ultimate lesson plan, going all the way from standing up on the board to developing more confident and consistent riding skills while being completely SAFE on the water for yourself and others. The main goal of this course is that you become an INDEPENDENT rider who can safely continue to progress and build-up your experience. Of course we will guide and support you through your progression with some useful tips to keep you motivated, pushing your limits and achieving your GOALS!

    Price: 800€ (10h lessons + 7 days rental)

  • Refresher

    4h course – 200€ + optional RENTAL w/ kite insurance included (1wk–450€/12 days–650€)

    • 4 hours of lessons divided across 2 days (2h per day)
    • Max. 2 students per 1 instructor
    • Complete kite equipment (kite, bar, board, harness, helmet, vest)
    • Radio helmet lessons
    • IKO certified instructors
    • IKO certification

    Our Refresher course will help you refresh your previous kite knowledge and experience. Also it will help to reach new goals, either independent riding and practicing on your own later, or some more advanced riding skills like riding upwind or making your first turns!

    We also offer you the possibility of renting full equipment after finishing the Refresher course. You can choose between a 7 & 12 day rental package! If you feel like kiting everyday and pushing your limits to progress as much as you can, then the 12 day package is a perfect choice. On the other hand, if 12 days of non-stop kiting seems a bit too much for you, then 2 days of 2h lesson per day and an additional 7 days of rental will suit your needs perfectly! If you feel like extending your rental for more than 7 days, this is also possible!


    • - 200€ (4h lessons)
    • - 600€ (4h lessons + 7 days rental)
    • - 900€ (4h lessons + 12 days rental)
  • Private Lessons

    BBtalkin radio helmet, 1 ON 1, 20min video) 80€/1.5h

    • 1 STUDENT Per 1 INSTRUCTOR lesson
    • Includes 1.5h lesson (30min video analysis)
    • Video recording
    • BBtalkin radio helmet (2 way communication
    • Intensive progression
    • Perfect for learning advanced skills and tricks
    • Video analysis


    • Individual training
    • 1 ON 1 lesson
    • learning new skills/tricks
    • fast progression
    • professional coaching
    • lots of fun


    • equipment NOT included
    • independent level of riding required

    Price: 80€/1.5h

  • Directional/Surfboard Lessons

    lessons 60€/h, rental 20€/h

    • 1 STUDENT Per 1 INSTRUCTOR lesson
    • Includes 1h lesson
    • equipment included
    • BBtalkin radio helmet (2 way communication)
    • Intensive progression
    • Perfect for learning advanced skills and tricks


    • Individual training
    • 1 ON 1 lesson
    • learning new skills/tricks
    • fast progression
    • professional coaching
    • lots of fun


    • independent level of riding required

    Price: 80€/1.5h

  • Foil Lessons

    lessons 65€/h, rental 20€/h

    • 1 STUDENT Per 1 INSTRUCTOR lesson
    • Includes 1h lesson
    • equipment included
    • BBtalkin radio helmet (2 way communication)
    • Intensive progression
    • Perfect for learning advanced skills and tricks


    • Individual training
    • 1 ON 1 lesson
    • learning new skills/tricks
    • fast progression
    • professional coaching
    • lots of fun


    • independent level of riding required

    Price: 65€/h, rental 20€/h

Rental Prices

Equipment Rental1 Day1 Week12 Days
FULL Kitesurf set Premium 2021110€390€550€
Impact Vest5€20€30€


Arrival at the airport of Fortaleza is on the 11th of November, where a Taxi will collect you, and drive from the airport to Parajuru. The journey takes approx 2h. We end the first day with a welcome drink, rest and get the group together to plan the activities ahead. From the next morning, on the 12th of November, the show starts for the next 12 days. The last day of camp is the 23rd of November, and you have included one more night to sleep before you catch your flight home on the 24th.

The Team

We are Petar and Dean, two passionate kiteboarders and certified instructors traveling around the world catching wind and waves. We started with Kite camp Istria in 2016. in our hometown Ližnjan which is a hidden kite spot paradise.

Our first goal is to carry on the passion for kiteboarding, make you learn new skills and create unforgettable memories for you!

We want to make you an independent rider or improve your skills as much as we can during this journey with us.

Join our story and be part of an incredible experience.

Questions & Answers

  • Why Kite Camp with us?

    To put together a group of people who are sharing the same passion - kiteboarding. We want to share experiences and celebrate success together! We will provide you with the best instruction to become a safe and independent kiter or to improve your kiteboarding skills as much as possible during our time together.

  • What is our main goal in Brazil?

    To put together a group of people who are sharing the same passion - kiteboarding. We want to share experiences and celebrate success together! We will provide you with the best instruction to become a safe and independent kiter or to improve your kiteboarding skills as much as possible during our time together.

  • How many people are in a Kite Camp group?

    The ideal number for us is between 10-15 people per group. The group is guided by two experienced IKO certified kite instructors (Petar & Dean) and a professional dancer and certified trainer with a great passion for kiteboarding and photography (Helena).

  • What languages are spoken?

    We speak English, Italian, French, Portuguese and Croatian.

  • What if I need to cancel?

    If you need to cancel your booking for any reasons;

    Find below our refund policy for cancellations

    • 60 days before the start date: 50% refund
    • Less than 60 days before start date: 25% refund
    • Less than 20 days before the start date: No refund
  • Why Parajuru, Brazil?

    So far it is the best kite spot we were able to visit and is suitable for everyone, from complete beginners to advanced riders who want to improve and learn new tricks. There is a perfect flat lagoon with constant wind from 15-25knots every day.

  • Do I need a Visa?

    Tourists can stay up to 90 days per year without a visa. Just make sure your passport is more than 6 months valid prior your arrival date in Brazil.

  • What about Money?
    • 1 USD = AutoGet BRL, 1 EUR = AutoGet BRL

    We would recommend not to travel with large amounts of cash. At the KBC station, Restaurant and Bar it is possible to pay with a credit card. In the village of Parajuru in some shops, it is possible to pay with a credit card but in most of them, only cash is accepted. If it is necessary to take cash from an ATM we can arrange a group taxi to the next city Fortim, where we can access ATM machines.

  • Do I need sun cream?

    As the sun is very strong and you don't always feel it with the wind, please get the highest sunscreen protection possible and we recommend using zinc paste for the face.

  • Do I need sunglasses in the water?

    It is recommended to kite with sunglasses if you have sensitive eyes. We recommend getting one pair with a floating strap.

  • Nearest Hospital?

    The closest hospital is a 10min drive by car from KBC station.

  • Do I need mosquito protection?

    There are not many mosquitos but we recommend getting some mosquito protection, for example, "Autan Tropical Repellent".

  • What if i'm vegetarian or vegan or have special dietary requirements?

    Please let us know about it when booking your place in Kite Camp and we cater to your dietary requirements.

Feel free to contact us

Would you like to know more, do you have any questions, or you would like to book with us? We are looking forward hearing from you.

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