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Caroline Kim

Caroline Kim (United Kingdom)

2019-08-30, Kitesurf in Naxos

My instructor Petar was fantastic, giving very clear and helpful advice as well as making sure the whole experience was safe. I made great progress and felt supported all the time

Pauline Rau

Pauline Rau (Germany)

2019-08-30, Kitesurf in Naxos

I had some really good kite lessons in Naxos with Petar. He explained it to me in a simple and understandable way so I got it really fast. I just can recommend him for others who want to become an independent kiter

Greece / Naxos


Welcome to Kite Camp Istria in Greece, Naxos!

We are spending not less then 2 months in Greece on Naxos Island, more exactly on Mikri Vigla Beach, beautiful kitesurf bay. Less famous than Paros or Mykonos Islands, Naxos is more known for its perfect wind conditions with everyday wind blowing from 15 to 40 knots!


Want to visit us? Come whatever dates suits you best between: June 25 – September 5. 2020.

Kite Camp Istria will be located at Thalasea Sports Club, facing the kitesurf bay of Mikri Vigla. Feel free to contact us and we will get everything sorted out for you! We can help you with accomadations, transfer airport/port, advise you on the easiest way to get to Naxos Island and of course organize kite lessons (beginner or advance) and renting material.

Questions & Answers

  • Where to fly?

    Classic way is to fly to Athens and take a ferry for approximately 3 hours ride to Naxos Island. We suggest flying to Mykonos and taking the ferry for only approx 40 minutes ride (we can organize transfer from airport to port for you and trasnfer from Naxos town to Mikri Vigla Beach). If you are not a ferry lover you can also check for connected flights to Naxos Aiport.

  • What languages are spoken?

    We speak English, Italian, French, Portuguese and Croatian.

  • Why Naxos, Greece?

    It is the windiest place in Europe we visited so far. We experienced more than 90% of windy days during summer 19. Mikri Vigla Beach is safe and perfect to start your kite journey from scratch or to improve your riding and jumping skills.

  • Do I need sunscreen?

    As the sun is very strong and you don't always feel it with the wind, please get the highest sunscreen protection possible and we recommend using zinc paste for the face.

  • Do I need sunglasses in the water?

    It is recommended to kite with sunglasses if you have sensitive eyes. We recommend getting one pair with a floating strap.

  • Do I need a wetsuit?

    During some days wind can get pretty strong wich cools down the air and water so we suggest having at least a shorty wetsuit 3.2mm in your suitcase.

  • Nearest Hospital?

    The closest hospital is only a 15 minutes ride from Mikri Vigla beach.

  • Do I need mosquito protection?

    There are not many mosquitos thanks to the constant wind but we recommend getting some mosquito protection, for example “Autan Tropical Repellent”.

  • Where to eat?

    Thalasea Sports Club offers a lunch menu in the beach bar facing the kite bay. You can also enjoy the many typical greek tavernas from Mikri Vigla or even a quick and cheap but delicious pita sandwich on the thumb. Mikri Vigla has also small minimarkets and a delicious bakery perfect for your breakfast or afternoon treats. You will also find beach bars and night restaurants in Agia Anna or Katsraki (10 minutes drive each).

    We can also organize taxis for you to go to Chora, Naxos town for lunch or dinner with many restaurants and western food options.

  • Can I rent a car, motorbike, scooter or quad?

    There are a lot of car rentals in Naxos town but also one in Mikri Vigla (2 minutes walk form Thalasea Sports Club).

  • Where is the closest Market?

    Closest minimarket is about 2 minutes walk from Thalasea Sports Club and the bigger supermarket is a 15 minutes drive away (we can organize a taxi for you if needed).

Feel free to contact us

Would you like to know more, do you have any questions, or you would like to book with us? We are looking forward hearing from you.

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